What if I stopped dispensing medication from my office so I would not have to do this?

Dispensing and writing prescriptions are two different activities. If you dispense from your office, you have to
report Schedule II-V drugs to the PMP. If you have stopped dispensing, then you are probably writing the
prescription and handing it to the patient to have it filled at a pharmacy. You are still required to check that
patient in the PMP.

If I only write a couple scripts per year, do the mandatory checks apply to me?

By Oklahoma law (63 O.S. 2-309D), it is mandatory that providers check the PMP prior to prescribing and every 180 days prior
to authorizing refills for opiates, synthetic opiates, semi-synthetic opiates, benzodiazepine, or carisoprodol
(exclusions for hospice or end-of-life, or patients residing in nursing facility). This applies whether you write one
or several thousand scripts per year.

What is doctor shopping?

The term “Doctor Shopping” is used generically to identify a person(s) who uses fraud, deception or exclusion to get controlled drugs for illegitimate use. A patient who fails to tell their doctor they are receiving controlled medication from another provider falls into this group. “Doctor Shoppers” are often addicted to the drugs they are seeking. In some cases, the get controlled drugs for the specific purpose to profit from them or provide them to others who are also addicted. They also represent every aspect of our society, both culturally and financially.